Hail and Welcome!
                         Greetings, and welcome to the website of Moonshadow!   
                                 We are Portland's premier Pagan Emporium!

Portland's oldest Pagan resource, serving the Portland Pagan community since August 1995.

                                                     WE HAVE MOVED!
  After 16 years on Hawthorne, Moonshadow has moved to a BIGGER, BRIGHTER space at
                                                 3819 SE Belmont Street
                                         on the north side between 38th and 39th.

                                            And the best news, NO MORE STAIRS!
                      Come in and see our old stock and NEW treasures arriving every day.
                                                       Call us at 503-235-5774.

                       We take great pride and joy in providing affordable "tools of the craft"
                              to meet all the every-day needs of local practitioners.
                              We specialize in Wiccan, Druidic and Celtic themes
                        with a smattering of Asatru, Thelemic, OTO and a few other paths!

                                   You name it and we probably have it, or can get it.
 Cauldrons in all shapes and sizes, brooms, cloaks, tapestries, athames and swords, artwork
       and books, books, books. If we haven't got it or cannot get it they will help you find it!

         Moonshadow stocks a wide variety of tarot (often more than 100) , scrying mirrors,
                                  pendulums, crystals and other divination tools.
          We also carry more than 300 oils and over 100 natural herbs at very reasonable prices!
                        And of course, lots and lots of jewelry, many "one-of-a-kind."

                                Moonshadow is also a focal point of the local pagans,
                    always ready for a good chat and willing to offer all kinds of free advice.

                                    Moonshadow also serves as the 'office' of the
                                Order of the Sacred Oaks/ Sacred Oak Grove
                                       Portland's own 501 (c) 3 Druidic "Kirk"
                                     We offer handfastings, legal marriages and
                           all other sacerdotal rites performed by ordained pagan clergy.
                                                    Just stop in and say hello!
                                *At present, our web site is still under construction*
    We are making an effort to present you with our entire spectrum of offers as soon as possible.  
In the meantime you can reach us at 503-235-5774.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.
       You can also contact us at our e-mail address: shop@moonshadowmagick.com.
   Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.